The content that follows over the next weeks and months on this mindset coaching blog will take the form of (in this first series) a number of interviews aimed at deconstructing or unlocking the mindset behind individual performance in sport, business and life. These will also attempt to showcase other pre requisites of ‘good’ performance i.e. other building blocks that need to be in place for a good performance to happen.

Specifically the objective of this first series of interviews is to show how a supportive or focussed ‘mindset’ underpins the day to day or specific performance of the personalities interviewed. Readers should be able to get a keen insight into the techniques, mantras, processes, scientific and unscientific quirks that are followed by many of the interviewees with a view to improving their own performance in sport, business and life!

In many cases the techniques that underpin preparation for a performance are transferable. They can be learnt, copied and improved upon to suit one’s own personal circumstances on their journey towards becoming a better performer or person.

The main objective of this blog is therefore to disseminate these techniques as widely as possible to allow readers to quickly benefit from the experiences of others in adopting the right mindset to overcome adversity.

This first series on ‘Coaching Mindset – The Malta Connection‘ – focuses on individuals with a connection to Malta and to excellence in sport. Why?

To ask a ‘why’ question in a coaching context is often ill advised as it can sometimes create a reaction with clients who might see themselves or what they have said as being particularly challenged or criticised.

For the purposes of this introduction I think it’s worth asking – why Malta and why sport? Well……Malta due to the fact that local athletes tend to have the physical ability to compete at the highest levels in and out of Malta but appear to lack the mindset required to push further into sporting careers at the highest levels. Second the author of this blog is a national of the beautiful mediterranean island of Malta himself, and an example of the above constraint, manifested by an unfulfilled career as an international rugby player for many reasons including lack of a suitable early mindset!

To enable readers to have as authentic an experience as possible, the majority of the content that follows comes verbatim from the interviewees. It charts their ups and downs in sport and in life in general, the mental and physical markers relied upon to get the most out of a particular performance, and aspects of mindset, headspace, trained ability and physical energy.

The scope will eventually expand to include different disciplines in sport and business – two key areas of interest for this blog. Subsequent series will see the geographic scope extended to sporting and business personalities worldwide.

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